Galaxy Floor Sanders

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Please find a link to the full Galaxy machine manual and the spare parts diagram for each Galaxy model.

B12 Belt Sander

The Galaxy B12 has become the industry standard for floor sanding belt machines. The 12″ drum ensures that your floors receive an extremely flat finish, making every project a complete success.

Eagle 8 Belt Sander

The Galaxy Eagle 8 is one of the newest and most innovative concepts in floor sanding machine technology.

D12 Drum Sander

The D12 allows you to tackle any hardwood floor surface with confidence that you will see the most productive and efficient results.

BD12 Belt/Drum Sander

The B D 12 is a state of the art floor sanding machine that combines both a patented belt sander and drum sander in one machine.

Super 2000 Belt/Drum Sander

The Super 2000 is a pure example of creative engineering that combines both a belt sander and drum sander into one machine.

Elite 3 Edger

The Galaxy Elite 3 Edger is the most powerful floor sanding edger to ever hit the market.

RS100 Radiator Sander

The Galaxy Radiator Sander is one of a kind, and one of the most valuable tools you can add to your floor sanding equipment.

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